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Frequently Asked Questions

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1- What is Al Hamra Golf Club ?
2- Where is Al Hamra Golf Club located ?
3- What is the primary purpose of Al Hamra Golf Club ?
4- What are facilities available for use at Al Hamra Golf Club?
5- How does Al Hamra Golf Club compare to others in the Emirate and the surrounding Emirates ?
6- Is Al Hamra a member owned equity club ?
7- How many Club Memberships are available ?
8- What are the privileges of Club Membership ?
9- Will family members be permitted to use membership privileges ?
9- Are visitors permitted to use the club facilities ?
10- Who is eligible to obtain membership ?
11- What do prospective members have to pay to maintain membership privileges at Al Hamra Golf Club ?
13- Are Club Memberships transferable ?
14- How are Annual Dues established ?
15- Are the Clubhouse facilities available for use by non-members ?
16- Do members of the Al Hamra Golf Club have an opportunity to have an input into the operation of the club facilities ?
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