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The UAE occupies some 83,600 sq km on the southern and eastern shores of the Gulf. The country borders Saudi Arabia to the west and the south and Oman to the east. Most of the emirate lies at the far north of the UAE, along the Gulf coast. RAK is the fourth-largest emirate in the federation, occupying 1700 sq km, or just over 2% of the total area of the UAE.

Its landscape is quite varied compared to the rest of the country. It boasts some 40 km of coastline along the Gulf, in addition to fertile plains and the great Hajar Mountains, which reach heights of up to 1900 metres. Temperatures in the summertime often reach the upper 40s with high humidity. In winter, the weather is rather pleasant and remains relatively dry.

RAK’s total gas reserves amount to about 33.96m cu metres, and its oil reserves are estimated at 400m barrels, or 0.4% of the UAE’s total reserves. RAK also boasts the largest rock quarry in the Gulf and has been blessed with high-quality limestone and clay deposits, which underpin the emirate’s successful cement and ceramics industries. In addition to this, the fertile plains in the south-east around Digdaga produce fruits and vegetables as well as milk and poultry for the local UAE market.

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